Cumulus Park — Diversity and dynamics – strategy and identity for Amsterdam’s new innovation district

Visual identity Motion

Located in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Cumulus Park is an area for collaborative innovation: a place where knowledge and talent come together. This exciting development introduces new business, residential and leisure opportunities to the area, with the ambition to attract the brightest minds from a variety of disciplines. Studio Dumbar/DEPT® was appointed to define the strategic positioning and design a visual identity for Cumulus Park.


Cumulus Park aims to nurture an environment where a broad spectrum of organisations can thrive, independently and collectively: a community where people work together and play together, exchanging ideas, sharing skills, and fostering the spirit of innovation. To reflect this goal, Darwin’s ‘diversity breeds’ became the leading principle for the strategic positioning.


Darwin’s thinking about diversity and adapting to changing circumstances provided the spark for our concept. Motion design became a driving force early in the project. Individual letters (forming words such as ‘share’ and ‘grow’) are composed of small, dynamic ‘particles’. These elements are constantly on the move – shifting, changing position, moving from one letter to another; reflecting a desire to share and exchange ideas. To make this possible, we created a bespoke programme, providing the Cumulus Park identity with a truly unique character.


Studio Dumbar/DEPT® design embodies a spirit of innovation, by adopting a new approach to visual identity, integrating technology and design, and encouraging motion graphics to play a key role.

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