Request — The open network for transaction requests

Interactive Motion Visual identity Strategy

Request is an online platform that enables people to make financial transactions, whatever the currency – from Dollars to Bitcoin, from Ethereum to Euros, and so on. Built around blockchain technology, Request makes decentralised financial apps accessible to everybody, wherever they are in the world. Studio Dumbar/DEPT® were invited to design Request’s visual identity and new website.


We began the project with an intensive, two-day, high-speed version of our positioning process. Working closely with the team from Request, we developed a clear positioning strategy for the brand, which also become the pay-off: the open network for transaction requests. This became the guiding principle for developing the identity and website.


The visual identity reflects the principle of the ‘request’ involved in any transaction, and the general to–and–fro activities of currency conversion. Dynamic and contemporary, the identity references technology but in a way that makes Request stand out from the crowd. Most blockchain brands follow the trend of diamond or crystal-shaped icons. Sidestepping this trend succeeds in setting Request apart from their competitors, opening a new chapter in the FinTech story.


The people behind Request are ambitious, but also humble. The attitude of the new visual identity marks a point of change in the brand’s development, placing more emphasis on ambition and confidence. In doing so, it signifies a trailblazing company that is now ready to conquer the world.

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