DEMO 2022 — our festival of motion design returns… bigger and better

Motion Visual identity

In 2019, Studio Dumbar/DEPT® launched DEMO – an unprecedented 24-hour exhibition showcasing the very best in motion design on screens throughout Amsterdam Central station. Building on this success, the second edition took place on 06 October 2022. Our continuing partnership with Global – and their relationship with other outdoor ad specialists – helped achieve our ambition: to expand the scope of the festival nationwide. Taking over 5,000 digital screens across the Netherlands, DEMO 22 became the largest open-air exhibition ever staged.


The sheer scale of DEMO 22 presented our main challenge: a huge increase in submissions; projects divided into nine themes; different screen sizes and formats; and a variety of locations nationwide. Every aspect of DEMO 22 was larger and more complex than the inaugural festival, with new partnerships, new collaborations, and a host of new problems to solve. While the visual identity remained consistent, the increase in scope shone a spotlight on our project management skills, technological knowhow and curatorial capabilities.


The strong image created for the inaugural DEMO remained, its bold, distinctive spirit providing a suitable framework for the variety of work on show. The colour palette shifted from dark blue and vivid orange/red, to dark blue and acid yellow/green – a unique hue that truly stands out from the crowd. Motion continued to play a key role, and as part of our collaboration with Cavalry we began using a custom coding tool, which opened up more possibilities to experiment with motion design. Perhaps the most significant design task was a complete overhaul of the DEMO website, and the creation of the DEMOverse – a playful and accessible metaverse, showcasing all of the selected motion projects in full.


DEMO’s potential is limitless and inspiring; future editions may well stretch beyond the Dutch border. Participants in the first DEMO are now leading lights: some were curators of DEMO 22, while many have been employed or commissioned as a direct result of their involvement. DEMO has cemented its reputation as a benchmark for anyone interested in motion – from students, freelancers and small studios, to large companies and clients. As a showcase for what motion designers can achieve when their creativity is given free rein, it is unparalleled.

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